an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mind.



Obsesh is a new online DTC platform that connects young, urban outdoor adventure enthusiasts and creators to their passion points.

Today's social platforms are built for mainstream habits, like scrolling.  

Obsesh Life platform is engineered for the adventure tribe's lifestyle

Innovative, community-focused.
Key initial Mobile App Features include:


Stop the social media algorithm madness and get your whole lifestyle in one destination.

If you are a Creator, join by email to participate in our Beta App launch feedback program.


Road to Adventure  

Lifestyle short-form digital series

Our Mission is to enable people to connect to their passion.

WE (Women Entrepreneurs) are MISSION-DRIVEN 

Tracy Benson

CEO & CoFounder

Jonalyn Morris

Chief Development Officer & CoFounder

Irina Shames

Chief Revenue Officer
Obsesh25 Adventurer Ian Smith

Welcome Ian Silver aka dirtbag

The newest Obsesh25 Adventurer

Creator, Van Lifer, Climber, Creative, Fiancé and Dad to 3YO Rylan.

All around entrepreneur and Founder of @thedirtbag.collective community brand.

From the vast and majestic landscapes of the Southwest to the coastlines of California, you can find Ian behind the lens, on the rocks, or on the trail creating his next story . His emotional and thought provoking narratives and visuals are just a glimpse into life on the road, the human spirit and unexpected beauty of this country, sometimes only seen when you dedicate your life to being a dirt bag.  Welcome aboard Ian, we are humbled.


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