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tracy benson

Tracy Benson

CEO & CoFounder 

A prolific disruptor, digital media maven, and consumer tech leader whose purpose-driven demeanor, ingenuity, and tenacity have earned her the reputation as a visionary leader and culture builder. 

Tracy is a true pioneer of direct-to-consumer markets with more than 20 years experience connecting consumers with their passion points through digital content, commerce, and creative media.  

Looking back over the course of her career, Tracy has continually been the consumer's champion. From solving small pain points, to major disruptors. She's an expert in direct-to-consumer digital media and commerce strategies, and enjoys solving probems above all.  Her career spans high-growth years working under Arthur Blank, building the Home Depot across the country in its early stages where traction is found, now its time to double down year over year to scale first and fast.  She then was the Head of Digital at Best Buy, another retailer phase moving  from a traditional brick and mortar to ecommerce, then mobile commerce. Her role at Best Buy also spanned leadership over all digital media,marketing,social and emerging digital solutions. Tracy has seen the landscape change and been continualy buildng for the next, new generation. She has also spent several early years in the agency business learning the power of creative as a brand narrative. And as a Chief Marketing Officer over serveral global consumer businesses including; Best Buy, Beats by Dre X Monster products, and Seek thermal. All of which has been disruptors, changing the market for underserved consumer segments.

Tracy founded Obsesh on a bigger mission -  to modernize a mobile DTC platform where outdoor enthusiasts can  connect with community easily; creators can porduce and publish stories,  and users can shop direct for outdoor gear and merch seamlessly. She serves as the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for setting vision and cultivating culture. Her vision is to be the leading community platform for the outdoor adventure culture worldwide.

She's competitive and her athletic rigor and resilience starting at a young age. Growing up in Chicago's urban lifestyle, she was both an athlete and a weekend outdoor warrior. From camping, to fishing, and mountain biking, the outdoors has continued to be a playground and backdrop to her life. She played competitive high school volleyball, Junior Olympics, and fast-pitch softball, then continued as a full-scholared NCAA Div 1 Volleyball athlete at Western Illinois University. She then graduated cum laude with an MBA in Finance & Marketing from University of Notre Dame. 

She serves on several boards and is active in the queer communityfrom federal legislation to local efforts around diversity and inclusion - and getting more involved in women's initiatives.

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Jonalyn Morris

Chief Development Officer & CoFounder

Jonalyn is known for her unwavering positivity, unyielding tenacity, and talent for connecting people to their passions. As the Chief Development Officer and Co-Founder at Obsesh, she is dedicated to providing an engaging mobile-first entertainment experience for the Millennial and Gen Z audience. 

Over the span of two decades,  Jonalyn has been an innovative leader in marketing communications, Creator development, and entertainment media for a multitude of top brands, including but not limited to Beats by Dre, Disney Interactive, Paramount Pictures, and Sony Entertainment. Her early career began with B/HI, a Los Angeles' top 10 social media, pr, and digital marketing agency. During her tenure, she was integral to the agency's digital entertainment practice growth, receiving a Silver Sabre award for her efforts. 

Her passion for storytelling crafting big moments in media come naturally - and have served her and numerous personality-driven talent well. 

Someone once measured her impact between entertainment publicity, PR stunts, and Talent development reaching more than 1 billion impressions over her career to date.  

Jonalyn oversees content development, creator collaborations, influencer marketing, talent publicity, and production.

She is also an avid athlete, mom of two boys, and squeezes in time to play beach volleyball and compete in Spartan races. After her 5th race this year, she has  learned that she qualifies to compete in the Spartan World Championships.

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Irina Shames

Chief Revenue Officer

Irina is a multilingual Business Developer and Strategist who is on a mission to help businesses thrive. As a driven innovator and lifelong learner, she firmly believes in the infinite power of knowledge and its pivotal role in progress.

Originally from Uzbekistan, Irina lived in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States (New York & LA), but her work took her to many different corners of the world.

For the last two decades, Irina has spearheaded a multitude of revenue-driving business strategies, media sales, and start-up growth initiatives. Throughout her career, she has been integral to both domestic and international multiplatform revenue growth for multiple prominent global media companies, such as MTV, CNN, Viacom, Lionsgate, WPP, Kevin Hart’s (LOL) digital platform, as well as took emerging startups to market. 

Irina is responsible for creating and developing key business growth strategies, entertainment partnerships, strategic collaborations, and growing new business and brand solutions opportunities.

She is equally passionate about educating. Presently, she serves as an Instructor for a Digital Media and  Entrepreneurship course at UCLA. She also provides mentorship to numerous start-ups and is a Speaker at an array of events and conferences. 

During her free time, you can find her traveling across the globe creating new adventures, which ultimately fuel her love of consumer media and Obsesh. 

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