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Obsesh-made Premium Video Series

Road to Adventure 6-8 ep. | Creator-led | Short-form

A group of 100 young Youtube and IG  influencers, renegades and daredevils assemble for a week-long trek throughout the PNW.

This premium video series spotlights a collection of millennial thrill seekers and outdoor lifestyle gurus as they invade the pacific northwest on the trail for fresh adventures and new environmental tasks to conquer with a summer road trip to never forget.

Content that connects fans through creators-first

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obsesh branded entertainment collaboration with  pelican products


Pelican Consumer Products 2019

Pelican partnered with Obsesh to create authentic and relatable digital entertainment and lifestyle media to launch all consumer 'protection' product lines to fans, followers, and channels. 

From top of funnel awareness to lower funnel acqusition media, we delivered results that speak for themselves.

Along the way, Obsesh put Pelican's products to to the test in more ways than one to help consumers experience the promise. 

When working with Obsesh, you know you are collaborating with their talented Adventurers and Creators who authentically live adventure daily. Not only
do you feel it when you are working together, but you see it in how incredibly authentic and exciting the content is. The team 
brought fresh ideas at every turn, and had relentless energy from sunrise to sunset. The content we created has been a huge hit for our sales, marketing, social media and e-commerce campaigns and has set a new standard in the type of lifestyle content we develop for our brand.  It's a win-win-win and we are officially Obsesh'd.

Jennifer Lim

Director of Consumer Marketing, Pelican Products

Trusted creator-led relationships and marketing campaigns made eas(ier).

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