We are at an exciting place in the path of creator storytelling

At Obsesh, we're building an entertainment ecosystem that connects users with creators they love.  

Our Creator-first approach

Ten years into YouTube and Instagram, it lacks substance, quality, and community building.

It's easy to start on YouTube, its difficult to pay your bills and build a career that you can sustain from these channels alone.

We are challenging and disrupting the whole model for niche-entertainers and adventure creators to give fanatics all your stories, all the time.

To build a career, you need more than nice hotel stays or in-kind products while you create stories. 

Everyone needs a team on their side to curate, distribute, publicize, and co-create more.  And everyone wants opportunities, access, and paid gigs. 

We are all amazing humans, not algorithms.

Take three minutes to fill out the application in our footer if you are a creator, athlete, or tastemaker around outdoor adventure, travel, lifestyle, or sports.