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Anthony Walsh, Pro Surfer, Anthony Walsh GoPro



Travis Sims | Obsesh25 Creator &  Adventurer

Pro Cliff Diver, Modern-day Legend of Freestyle leading the Cliffjumping free movement, and Environmental Activist at heart.

Travis is taking freestyle Cliff Diving to new heights, all while making the planet a better place.

As a kid growing up in Denver, CO Travis loved nothing more than the outdoors and thrill seeking. He’s traveled the world cliff jumping, entertained dinner guests (*spoiler alert: at a restaurant) while tackling the biggest and most beautiful cliffs in the world, and one day he hopes to break the world record for the highest dive ever done. We know he will.

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@Obseshmedia and watch the Road to Adventure teaser releasing Q1 2020 on ObseshTV.  We couldn't be more excited to work with Travis to shape the sport of freestyle cliff diving and support his community clean-up efforts.


Crystal Walsh

Pro Longboard Surfer, Mother, Fitness Trainer

Rachael Galipo

Adventurer, Athlete, Climber, Wilderness Therapy Enthusiast, Photographer

Savannah Rahman

Fitness & Health, Adventurer, Host

Ariann Tudor

Paraglider, Figure Skater, Flying Badass

Ashley LaMarre

Adventurer, Athlete, Lifestyle, Guardian of @kickerdogmuse

Sydney & Emily

Adventurers, Lifestyle Living


Osesh25 Adventurer  & Creator | Athlete, Storytelling, Maker, Good Human

A skilled athlete AND the future of mobile-first content creation for younger audiences. 

At an early age, Connor had one thing on his mind: combine his experience as a pro BMXer with his love for creating and documenting stories that inspire others. We've seen many creators over time and Connor stands out for his capabilities and abilities to take on any next adventure. 

Follow @connortieulie to see first-hand his authenticity and storytelling we kook for in Obsesh approved creators.

Family-focused Creators and Pro Athletes

The Walsh's: Anthony & Crystal

with son, Damien

Sunshine Mafia

America's adventure family

Life with the mafia is filled with love, laughter, and a world full of sunshine. They can be found on Youtube and Instagram both.

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